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Sacred Spaces | The Alchemy Of Frequemcy
Sacred Spaces in 432Hz by GEM/ The Alchemy Of Frequemcy,

the alchemy of frequency


This album is a tribute to Mother Nature and her inspiration. The project began by embarking on a sonic expedition, capturing the live organic melodies of Nature herself. Recording at enchanting locations, frequencies and ambient sounds ranging from Australia’s oldest rainforest to the depths of California's redwoods, these organic sounds form the foundation and essence of this extraordinary album, String arrangements were crafted around Nature’s symphony, recorded by a string quartet from the Venezuelan National Orchestra.

GEM’s production adds layers of healing frequency music, live percussion by Dale Edward Chung, Co-Production by Jed Smith, and epic waves of stunning vocals from Shining Rae, Jody Quine, Juliet Lyons, and Armand Hutton. All crafted in 432Hz, the frequency of Nature, This awe-inspiring album pays homage to the universe that inspires and moves us. The Alchemy Of Frequency takes us on a journey from the earth, out to the cosmos, ultimately back to the Sacred Space within. 

With Production By:                             

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